Monday, October 1, 2012

ImagiNation: Some things go boom and other things go BOOM!

I said I hoped to finish off the rest of the models by the end of the week, but it seems that I underestimated the amount of time needed as I finished them off today in record speed.  This is the last of my ImagiNation models for now, so I will probably be switching gears and starting work on one of my side projects or terrain.

Small booms, only 3 pounders, each are attached to one of my regular line infantry regiments

The Big BOOM.  8" Siege Mortar.  I don't have a crew for it yet, but its growing slowly on me.  At first I preferred it with its wheels attached, but that would have defied physics, first shot and the carriage would collapse.

Even the 50mm bases I have could not accommodate all the parts to the mortar provided with this model.  Quite a fantastic price for 10$

The finished cart with its wine salesman.

Ahh the wine salesman.  

Prior to painting him up, I loved every single model made by Perry.  Nothing but massive respect for the brothers, but to be honest, it seems as if this one was a little rushed.  The fingers are next to non-existant, the face is a little soft and pudgy compared to the rest of the Perry stuff I own.  Oh well, I present to you: Silvio "Ebreo del vino" Dante.  Yes, I may have watched a little bit to much of The Sopranos lately, but in any case, Silvio here was once a figure in the Libagioni mafia, but was forced to flee after a war with another family.  A man without fear, he accompanies the field armies of the Duchy even into battle in order to supply the men of libations... and the squeeze every uva dell'oro (Gold Grape, the currency of the Duchy) out of the men.

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