Friday, October 19, 2012

A civil war fuelled by wine

Seeing as I only have one side of my dual ImagiNation project at the point in which I can play games, I decided that it was about time I played a game using my newly finished terrain. So, off to the FLGS where my informal club has now taken up a semi-permanent residence. The nice thing about the store is that they have a very large gaming area adjacent to the actual retail area. You would not expect it when walking in the front, but it is quite spacious.

I decided to set up an even moral point civil war game between two "factions of wine enthusiasts" within the Duchy of Libations. The despicable lovers of white wine (defenders) had stolen the wine supply of the much superior red wine snobs (attackers). The whitists brought the wine cart to their small encampment and then drank themselves into a stupor. The Reds, sensing weakness launched their attack.

Because each side only had four units of troops and an artillery piece each (with the Reds getting a unit of Irregular Infantry which do not count towards the moral count), the game actually ended up being played on a much smaller surface then the 6 by 4 foot table used. The FLGS kindly provided a nice old fashioned GW gaming mat (which I had wanted to order, but now feel is too "soccer pitch" for my liking.

In the end, the game really boiled down to a lot of hammering of musket fire, followed by rallying and then rinse and repeat. The Reds had an entire regiment rout from the table, but with a couple of lucky (or I guess unlucky) dice rolls from the White player, survived with just one Moral point for much of the game. A series of terrible rolling and the very useful fact that the irregulars get a -1 to hit lead to them routing a battalion of White infantry, which was somewhat quickly followed up by a charge from the last remaining Red regular line infantry regiment, which in turn sent a White battalion running and eating away at the remaining Moral points of that side.

All in all, it turned out to be a bit of a messy affair, which both sides having terrible luck at times. I blame it on our little metal men having drank to much top shelf Claret...

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