Monday, October 8, 2012

I proclame this month "Flocktober"

The month of september saw me complete all remaining ImagiNation models left on my painting desk.  Unfortunately, this has not satiated my need to continue painting ImagiNation stuff, so in order to save up for my next bulk order, I have decided to freeze all figure purchases.  So, I'm allowed to buy supplies for building terrain, but not for figures.

I've got a LOT of stuff to do this month, be it buildings, fences, trees and fields.  So with that said, lets start Flocktober!


  1. Time (and money) spent on terrain is NEVER wasted. I've been trying to focus more on terrain and stop adding to the lead pile too.

    1. I agree. Come January and my commitioning / graduation I will be devoid of my normal wargaming group that I've come to rely upon for the last four years and will have to "fend for my self" when it comes to terrain and figures until I can reestablish myself.