Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5000 pageviews!

If I might permit myself to be slightly childish:  YAY!

I started this blog waaaayyyy back in 2009 and well... it did not really take off, neither my readership, nor myself had really any interest in it.  I posted a grand total of four times in its inaugural year (actually, I did post a few more then that, but retroactively removed some posts that I felt was not up to par).  In 2010 I posted once... rather sad I know.  It took be until 2011 and graduating up to painting 28mm figures to start posting with a bit more regularity.  In the last two years I have posted up 49 articles and finally have breached the "fabled" 5,000 page view mark.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my readership, all of my followers and anybody that might have stumbled upon this blog.  Thank you for your contribution to my slowly evolving blog.  I hope to continue publishing quality articles.

For added Canuck effect, I thought it would be smart to have a picture of fireworks above the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa.