Thursday, October 18, 2012

Flocktober #5: Mmmmm root veggies!

So next up is a pair of objective markers for SAGA Irish warbands: Potato fields!

I kid, I kid, I am half Scottish... its kinda the same... ish... yea.... anyway.

But to be completely honest, it is getting very, very hard to resist the allure of SAGA, Dux Britanniarum and Dux Bellorum...  I enjoy the fact that with a little math and pre-planning I could play THREE!!! rulesets with the same figures, kinda like what I'm doing with my ImagiNation project.

Right, root veggie fields.  Man cannot simply live off of wheat, even if its a plentiful bounty (see the absurd amount of wheat fields I made earlier this month), so I whipped up some fields for root vegetable.  Why root vegetable?  My mother (the former farm-girl) and my own slightly hazy memory of my Grandfather's farm reminded me that root veggies grow best when slightly raised above the ground, better water flow if there is a lot of rain.

Hopefully I can summon the necessary willpower to start working on the miles of fences that I will require and add an actual grazing field and pen for some livestock, I'm not a vegetarian, so why should my figures?  Plus wine goes good with all things animal.

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