Thursday, October 11, 2012

Flocktober #1: Fields

The first batch of terrain to emerge from my table are a set of 10 grain fields.  I picked up a choir mat from Ikea over Thanksgiving and had I measured better when cutting, I probably could have squeezed out one or two more small fields, but overall I'm quite happy.

As you can see, I started by making sure my rather untrustworthy measuring abilities came through.

Next was a matter of using a metal ruler and a sharp hobby knife to cut out a "frame" of choir matting.  the next few parts get rather messy and I should have done the work someplace else, but oh well.  Make sure to keep the internal portion of the matt.

As you can see, I put the internal sections back into place.  I cut the larger fields into fours.  I had to trim these quite a bit to make them fit.

I sanded, painted and flocked the boards.  I tested highlighting on one of the fields (its pretty easy to determine which one I used) and decided to do the same with two more large and two small, just for a bit of colour variation.

Anyway, next up is my campsite and then maybe another 10 ployed fields.  I have enough cut-offs from the choir mat to make some more organic shaped fields.  My mother (who comes from a farming family) suggested I also make some fields that have had their crop cut very short, almost down to earth, but not plowed.  This would have been done for crop-rotation purposes.  I'm still not to sure how to go about doing this, maybe find some sort of faux-fur material that is around the same colour.

Also, I was instructed not to build any sort of fencing to mark the divide between different ownership of the fields.  Instead I need to build up a sort of hedgerow filled with rocks and what not from the clearing of the fields.  Again, not sure how I am going to do this, but this time I have an idea where to start.

The objective I have is to be able to comfortably populate an 8' by 6' table with terrain.  Oh and I have 13 buildings on order from my FLGS to build a town around, so that should fill up a decent section.

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