Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ImagiNation: Painting something other then green...

Actually, I'm lying a bit with the title, there still is green with the next batch of figures.

What you see below is the last batch of Austrian German Musketeers I have currently in stock.  Which means, yes I will have to buy more and paint up the rest.  In the case of these figures, they were the leftovers of a "regiment" box that I purchased from Old Glory back when they still carried Crusader.  Now that they don't and I'm a sad panda, I have to order from the source, get hit with an ugly shipping fee from the UK and of course, I don't get the very awesome 40% off that Old Glory members receive.

Without further adieu I present: Truppa della marina di Frangelico.  Based off of the French & Indian Wars French Troupe de la Marine, my version is similar in that they their primary theatre of operations is the "New World" (aka the setting for my F&I Wars ImagiNation project).  I inverted the standard colour scheme of the Duchy and to be honest, I almost like how these look more then the regular scheme...  Just the like Troupe de la Marine, they are a regular infantry, conscript level (for Maurice). They give some nice colour to the table and add a little diversity to what I do believe in retrospect is a bit of a monotone army.

The lack of bayonets was a the result of a single model arriving with its pig-sticker being snapped.  I decided to just remove them completely.  I don't think it adversely effects how they look and again add a little bit of diversity to my army.

With the project I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to continue with the cheesy one-liners, I'm getting into unknown territory.  In that I mean that I have under 20 models left on hand to paint and well under 50 still planned.  Not only have I breached the 100 models mark (now sitting at 107), but I have never really reached the completion mark for any 28mm projects.


  1. Cheers!
    They look good and fittingly 'blue' indeed.

    1. Why thank you for the kind compliments. I have a feeling a full regiment painted up like these will look quite nice on the field, might even force my hand at replacing one my standard regiment with it.

      BTW, I would like to join the Emperor vs Elector blogroll, how would I got about doing this?