Sunday, September 23, 2012

Double Header! Gaming nights 14th & 21st Sept

I had planned to post last weeks gaming report last week but the world conspired to strip internet away from my computer and halt any attempt to do so.

It has become a little bit of a tradition to cook steaks before the gaming begins and I might have gone a little overboard this time around...  As per usual now it rained rather heavily (it seems Kingston has been transplanted into England by our rather poor weather), so cooking on the BBQ was a pain in the rear.

My attempt at homemade "Steak Frite".

On the 14th we had to play indoors as the heavens opened up and hammered Kingston with thunderstorms and heavy rains.  Not a huge deal as we had decided upon playing some spaceships, but space was limited and a bit uncomfortable to work around.  This game saw Federation vs Federation in an alternate storyline civil war to Star Trek.  One side was using more advanced ships, but only four of them while their opponents had 14, but lower quality.  In the end I made a silly mistake and this cost us the game.  Having rather brittle, but powerful ships give little to no wiggle room.

Shoddy pictures are due to the horrible lighting in the living room... we could have set up some spot lights, but toughed through it instead.

The weather report for the 21st was just as grim as on the 14th so our glorious host Mike Hoyt decided to sign out a MOD Tent from supply and we set it up prior to the arrival of our gaming buddies.  In the end... the stopped raining just as we finished setting the tent up and the weather was rather nice for the rest of the night... go figure...

We learned our lesson from the gaming night of the 7th and made sure to have spot lights so that we could see what we were doing when the sun set.  The bonus of these 500W lights are they heat up a space pretty well, which means we might not need a space heater when the snow starts falling and we set up a more permanent tent.

The game on the 21st was a continuation of the storyline from our first BattleTech game.  The goal is to slowly introduce new elements to each game, preventing the newer players from getting swamped with new and increasingly complicated rules.  This time around we added in infantry and IFVs.

On my end, I quit smoking and have been on the patch + gum for a bit over a week now, but I was instructed by the Military Health Care worker that I need to treat myself once a week to something, just as a "good job" sort of thing, so this week was a small cigar.  I did little to no wargaming for the first hour and a half of the game, content with sitting in a fantastically comfortable chair, listing to some golden age jazz, slowly enjoying my cigar and top shelf VQA wine.  After about 3 glasses of Burning Kiln wine (absolutely smashing beverage) it became a little difficult to take a steady picture....

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