Sunday, September 23, 2012

ImagiNation: The Battle of the rainy desert...

After our gaming night on Friday we decided to keep the large tent up in anticipation of the arrival of Dave from much ado about nothing and his ImagiNation army.  After some fantastic weather the night before we left the gaming mat on the table.  Murphy's law dictates that if something bad can happen, it will.  Somehow the wind picked up around 7AM on Saturday and managed to blow the massive and heavy tent onto its side.  Thankfully the table was not damaged in anyway and when Mike went to fix the tent (I was trying to pull on my pants at this time, still asleep) he was able to lift and return the tent to its original location.  The weather, which has nicely held off the night before decided it was a perfect time to start raining heavily... just as the gaming mat was exposed to the elements.  With the now rather wet mat being useless, we had to resort to pulling out some tan mats that were laying around.  For a while we contemplated going "old school" wargaming and using just the wooden table, but that idea was quickly shelved.

With that we set up the table with a couple of buildings, so trees and a little bit of other terrain.  This was the second time I have played Maurice and I'm still as excited and happy about using this ruleset.

The weather was again rather horrible for the first few hours of the game, but as the fate of the Duchy of Libations was sealed, it became very nice and sunny out... just as I put away my camera...

As you can see, the original lines quickly devolved into a melee in the centre-left with units breaking left, right and centre.  After a protracted battle, the units under Mike's command finally relinquished the town and the loss of that last infantry battalion lowered our armies moral to zero, giving Dave the victory.

Overall another very fun game of ImagiNation.  Had the weather been nicer, the pictures would have turned out better and I would have been inclined to take more.

Finally, I present to you the 100th model I have painted for this army:

This particular one was the test model for my "Marine" regiment.  As you can see I inverted the usual colour scheme of my figures.

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