Sunday, September 30, 2012

ImagiNation: Let me play you the song of my people

I guess the title is a terrible reference to how old I actually am...  Anyway, yesterday I had a lot of free time so I sat down and powered through the remaining "combat" models that I have on hand.  Pictured below is the regimental command team of the Cacciatore di Galliano.  Models are from Crusader's Austrian SYW line and are actually the Grenz command.  Originally I wanted to have my entire army using the Grenz uniform, but events (and free models from Dave Hoyt) conspired against me.  Not that I'm complaining any as I can always come back and add a regiment of them...

So, now we come to the question on all two of the people who probably read this blog on a semi-regular basis:  "What exactly do you have left Phil?".  Well I have a Perry Wine / Water Cart, which will of course be a wine cart given the nature of my army.  Secondly I have a Sergeant-Major Miniatures 8" siege mortar from their Indian Mutineer range.  It might be a century from the future, but I'm not really concerned as its really cool and typically useless on an open battlefield.

I should have these models done by the end of the week if I keep up with my painting binge (which is helped along by the nicotine patches that are enabling me to quit the vile tobacco).

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