Thursday, September 13, 2012

ImagiNation: Forth my Children! Go Forth!

I'm happy to announce that I have been on a bit of a painting binge lately.  Given that I have single digits in hours of class a week, I have way to much free time and have been filling it with painting.

On an ImagiNation front, I have decided to rework again the organizational structure of this project.  This comes after a long conversation with my gaming buddies.  I've reverted slightly from the 4 sabot structure to a two "battalion" and one commands worth of sabot.  This means I'm now working on a regimental level instead of a battalion one for my units.  Each of the "battalions" is a unit in Maurice.  The benefit on an visual point is that the command is actually in the middle of the regiment.  Anyway, onto some pictures!

The figures I've painted over the last week, minus the Front Rank Officer.  10 figures in four days... Considering I painted 16 figures over the course of the entire summer, I think I'm on a bit of a roll right now.  I still need to order the remaining eight models for this regiment.

Another regiment of Regular Line Infantry.  While having identical facings, the two main regular infantry units will be distinguished on the table by their flags (Which reminds me I need to put an order into the Flagdude for them...).  Fluff wise, both of these regiments were raised in the Capital of the Duchy of Libations and were sponsored by the same wealthy gentleman.

This regiment will be played as a lesser trained line infantry unit, having been raised in the border towns within the Valley of Montepulciano.  Within the fluff of Libations, Montepulciano is the only route North-South through the Trebbiano Mountain range and is the site of all the major battles between Libations and its southern neighbour سلطنة الكبرى من الشراهة (Grand Sultanate of Gluttony, an Ottoman stylized nation).

Combined grenadier regiment.  Each of the battalions are normally raised from the best soldiers from the two regular line infantry regiments.  This regiment does not have standards, thus the two senior NCO's vs the single in most regiments.  I still need to finish the staff of the second NCO.

I plan on dedicating my next post to explaining the fluff of each regiment and my ImagiNation as a whole.

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  1. Excellent! Looking eagerly forward to discover more -and then to watch them in action.