Friday, May 3, 2013

Every adventure starts with the French

It seems to be a developing trend that whenever I begin a project related to the World Wars that I always start with the French.

When I joined in my buddy Dan's Great War project, it did so by painting up a couple of French demi-sections.  The Sky Blue uniforms caused me quite a few problems, mostly because I was convinced that it would be best for me to attempt to use blue coloured primer and Army Painter dip method.  Well, safe to say, I ended up trading my first attempt at 28mm models for 15mm Finns, completing both sides of my Continuation War project. (Speaking of which, I guess I don't begin all of my WW2 project with the French...)

While rummaging through my rather large box of unpainted lead, I found a clamshell of Warlord Games French infantry.  A squad to be exact.  I have no idea when I purchased them, but after spending a couple of years being very tempted by starting a Second World War project, I was more then happy to discover them.  Being that my ImagiNation project is starting to wind down, this is a nice change of pace.

Any way, I ended up painting a first test model to see if I could get the uniform colour right.  The Warlord games figures are a lot better then I expect.  The prices are pretty good and supply is no issue (I'm looking at you Crusader Miniatures).

Overall, quite pleased with the end result.  I also experimented with how I would base my figures.  In the past, I always used just wood filler, basing sand and static grass.  This time around, I figured I would give Army Painter Grass Green flock and Woodland Scenic clump foliage a spin.  Having three different material, the bases are quite a bit more diverse.

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