Monday, January 30, 2012

#02 Infinity Post

I've been rather productive over the last few days, but this mostly boils down to the simple fact that I have time and four seasons of BBC's fantastic show QI, hosted by Steven Fry, of Monty Python fame.

Anyway, I've painted up the last two of the 45th Highland Rifles "Galwegian". Within the Infinity fluff they are quote: "...Units of crazed Scots specializing in close combat and are famous for carrying extravagantly large cutting weapons..." If that does not properly represent the Scottish warriors from centuries past, I'm not sure what does. Corvus Belli (the company that produces the models and game system) also have a model called "William Wallace" and is a cyborg like version of the Scottish hero. Apparently he likes to lead members of the 45th into battle, so I will have to add him at some point.

Anyway, on to pictures!

The beard on this model is fantastic, very fun and easy to paint as a ginger

All four of the models together. They come in a box of four with a few extra bits to make different load outs. Only other possible combination is giving one of them a boarding shotgun, but I snapped the very thin model by accident, so I just went with the assault rifle.

I scratch made the bases to represent an urban terrain and I am quite happy how the turned out. I used as base for the.... base... the wooden lazer cut ones from Litko. They are much better then the Games Workshop style slotted bases they come with.

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