Sunday, September 25, 2011

Of flags and Princes

After sitting on my painting desk since May, I finally finished up Il Principe Giuseppe Martellato or Prince Giuseppe the Hammered. The third son of the Duke of Libation, Giuseppe is an accomplished field commander and patron of wine vendors the world over.

After spending a bit of time looking for available flags in 28mm, I've decided upon utilizing Thirty Years War Swedish ones. More generic in nature, I chose to have them in both Green and Blue, because those happen to be the two main colours of my uniforms. I have selected flags for every unit except for my skirmisher one, which does not have a standard.

Coat of Arms of the Duchy of Libations

National Flag of Libations

Reggimento di Fanteria di Sambuca
Reggimento del Granatiere dell' Amaretto

Reggimento di Fusiller di Campari

Grappa Proprio Reggimento Ussari

Projected Lancer Regiment (Using Bosniac Lancer models)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

ImagiNation introduction

Not exactly a productive week painting wise, but lack of sleep and a full academic schedule will do that do you. On a non painting production front, I've managed to finally fully flesh out the background to my current project. While the progress is not enough for me to be comfortable about posting, I was bored yesterday and coloured in some uniform templates. These templates are from the blog "Not by Appointment". Unfortunately, Not by Appointment does not have a template of Aussian mounted Grenz, which is the figures I am using for my Hussar regiment.

Reggimento di Fanteria di Sambuca (Infantry Regiment of Sambuca)
Cacciatore di Galliano (Chasseur / Skirmishers of Galliano)

Reggimento di Fusiller di Campari (Fusiller Regiment of Campari)

Reggimento del Granatiere dell' Amaretto (Grenadier Regiment of Amaretto)

In all, I plan to have five different units. Two line infantry regiments, one grenadier (which is actually half the size of the line infantry ones), one skirmisher (like the grenadier regiment, only half) and one unit of Hussars. I plan on painting enough models to have the skeleton of each unit (see Grenadiers two posts below) and once the base of each unit is completed, I will expand the grenadier, skirmishers and hussars by a single group of 8 figures and the two line infantry units will be expanded by two groups of 8 figures. This is the plan to allow me to play even when my units are not fully up to strength.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

More ImagiNation

With my current painting spurt, I'm quickly running out of figures to paint for my project. After about four months of having them sitting on my painting desk, I am slowly finishing my first order from Front Rank. All thats left is a pair of drummers. Recently finished the commander of my Hussar Regiment, Giovanni L'Ubriaco or Giovanni the Lubricated. I painted the eyes to be looking out of the left corner. This is to be paired with the head holding hussar.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

ImagiNation musing

Starting ImagiNation projects seem to be all the rage in my extended group this year. ImagiNation in a nut shell is alternate world wargaming, but for history buffs. Create your own country, units and uniforms and play against other like minded individuals. Given that I'm a history major, sometimes I get tired of having to do research into exact uniform patterns and colours and with ImagiNation, its nice just to sit down and paint what I want.

For this project, my nation is set in the mid-18th century (Seven Years War) and uses mostly Crusader USA figures with a smattering of Front Rank for command and cavalry. Why Crusader? Well on top of having fantastic sculpts for the price point, they also come in packs of 8 figures, which happens to be a group with the Too Fat Lardies rule set Sharp Practice. While I do find that Crusader figures happen to be on the larger side of 28mm ones, they rank up alright with Front Rank ones, with FR being slightly smaller, closer to Perry Miniatures.

Last weekend I managed to break my painting rut by finishing off a trio of command for my yet to be ordered line infantry. From there I cruised to finishing off the whole Grenadier Regiment. While only 16 line and 3 command, its not exactly a ground breaking in term of volume, but its a start. After I finish painting the skeleton of each unit, I will expand each of them slightly to bring to full strength. In the case of my Grenadier regiment, I will simple add a third unit of 8 figures.