Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

And to all a good New Year!

Finally the hectic times have started to slow down. Shopping was relatively easy, but it was a blitz to try and finish as many of my Warhammer Ogres as possible in the slim chance that I could hit up a tourney at a local store. Alas, the Bitz I dearly needed failed to come arrive in a timely manner and to my dismay I now totally lack the figures needed even for a 1000pts game. Oh well, there are other events down the road.

Not gonna lie, I'm not the fastest painter on the block, nether am I a great, but as a few of my mates have commented, my skills are coming along quite well.

(Man the flash made anything off-white look like it was pearl)

The main problem right now is the need for some extra Ogre bodies that are in the mail. One of them is for a comversion to a Bruiser. While I have pretty much finished up the Bruiser with BSB, it can't be used as the Lord and neither can the Hunter chilling in the back. I don't really want to use the Collector Female Maneater as the Bruiser...

Anyway, lots of interesting stuff for Christmas. Got the first of my ships for the Coral Sea campaign I will be running in the new year. Oh, while I got a usually bad mark for my Chemistry mark, I totally massacred my 270 exam, getting a nice round 100% on it. The hardest exam that I had, my 384 otherwise know as Modern European History, was quite good, getting an 80%, which translates to about a 130% in any other class. So all is good right now.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Czechs and Canadians

I started doing 6mm micro wargaming last year and have slowly been building up my armies. This week I managed to finish painting and basing my two CF-18s and a Seaking for my 1989 Canadian era army. This one is pretty much set up for the Cold War Commander rule set, maybe need to add a few more Leopard 1's and some sort of FAC and FOO stands.

As you can see, I'm not particularely serious with the command stand, what with the Seaking and all... I'm thinking of painting up a truck with a Tim Horton's logo and in the oh so awesome HortonPat scheme.

Now on to my Czechs. One would wonder why I would build an army from that country... Pretty simple, the first miniatures in this scale that where given to me were OT-64's (Czech recon armored cars), so I just carried on. This force is only about half complete, it still needs a good deal of miniatures. I'm building a Motorized Rifle Regiment using Mike Hoyt's C3I rule set. Its set up for regiment to division level battles, so crazy amount of stands on the table.

These miniatures have seen some good use over the last few months, thus why the flocking is starting to fall off, really need to scrape and put some new flock on when I have time... And maybe put a wash on the two OT-64's in the picture.

Monday, November 30, 2009

What? I have a good work ethic and was productive?? O_O

The gargantuan amount of Energy drinks I have been ingesting these last few days must be having a good effect on my productivity =/. Worked until 3AM yesterday on my latest research paper. I was given the illustrious topic of "Supporting the impossibility of classifying the nomadic horse people as a militaristic society". Yep, oh and I'm only a second year history student...

But I digress....

I managed to finish my paper a few hours ago and already submitted it, which freed up my night for more interesting (and possibly more important haha) things such as painting the air support for my little Canadian force. My two CF-18 are done and only need the base to be flocked. The only thing remaining to do is paint my comical Seaking helicopter.

Hopefully tomorrow the Hoyt brothers and I can finish refurbishing our clubs new table and then we can run another large micro game, but that is for another time...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sun Tzu and the Art of Cowboy's???

Over the last few months, I have been engrossed with Dan Hoyt's 28mm cowboy campaign. He has been slowly building up quite the compliment of figures and terrain over the last couple of months and has dragged me into getting my own figures. After careful consideration (not really), I have decided upon getting some Chinese Tong figures. Mainly because they will be hilarious to play, but also because both Dan and Mike Hoyt do not have any. I've planned out to even have a small group of "Axe Gangsters" (Watch Kung Fu Hustle if you do not know who or what they are). Swords and axes vs shotgun's and sixshooter? I think so!

Anyway, on to some pictures of the last couple of games that Dan, Mike and I have run.

(Yes... that is a bed we are playing on, our try-out of the rule set)