Sunday, December 19, 2010

A few small updates

Its been a long time since my last post, almost a year to be exact, but in that time I've done quite a bit of painting. On the table right now are the 15mm Russians, 1/2400 Japanese and finishing a few 1/6000 space ships.

Here is what my 1/2400 Coral Sea Japanese looks like right now. I'm still missing the Zuikaku and Haguro to finish up the core of the fast carrier battlegroup. Bases are simply card stock with magnetic sheeting.

Next is the 1/6000 (Games Workshop Battlefleet Gothic figures) Chaos ships. Its a mix of Chaos cruisers and heavily modified Space Marine escorts. The whole fleet is set up to play in Full Thrust rule set, not the GW one. Not in pictures are 6 stands worth of mines and a space station. This one is pretty much done, I just need to order some flight stands from Litko for my fighters and everything is done.

No pics of the 15mm Russians right now as most of them are over at my friends place. I am working on finished up the vehicles right now and will update when they are done.