Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crowd Funding Update: Bushido!

Just another small update for today.

Kickstarter and Indigogo are both "crowd / public funding" websites and as of late have seen a rather large influx of wargaming companies hoping to find the monetary backing to expand ether the company, the range of miniatures or their whole game system.  One of the companies whose Indigogo campaigns I have been following with great interest is Bushido.

Later on this week I hope to have an entry done for Bushido in my ongoing "Games that interest me / project primer" as it has been on my radar for many a few months now.  What with the superb perks available to the backers for their campaign to introduce a new faction, the Ito, I have been sucked in and in the future will be receiving the Ito and Prefecture of Ryu starter sets (plus some extra models thanks to the stretch goals having been met).

In any case, the original goal of 5,000$ to launch the new faction has been completely smashed and now stands at a couple hundred over 25,000$.  With still over 60 hours left in the campaign, there is still time to support it and have access to the advantages.  Who knows, they might even add another small stretch goal that will give the supporters ever MORE freebies!

And now I must fix my personal blogging peeve of too much writing and not enough pictures by showing off some of the AWESOME artwork of the now officially upcoming Ito Clan done up by the crew over at GCT Studio (the producers of Bushido)

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