Monday, May 7, 2012

One year of ImagiNation: Part 1 (Finished products)

It has almost been one full year since I have started working on my ImagiNation project. I can't say that I have made massive progress on it, as I was hoping to have most of it done by now. In any case, real life has taken a bit of precedence this year and painting, well, its been on the back seat. Having a girlfriend does tend to soak up all of your free time (not that I'm complaining at all) and leaves very little for hobby work. None the less, I have gotten some decent work done. The next couple of posts will be a resume of what I have been up to over the last year or so and what kind of progress I have made to date.
Here we have the full layout of the project.
The first of four Line Infantry groups. I was mistakenly sent two packs of command and half a pack of line, so I'm still missing a full groups worth of figures. Hopefully the new North American distributor for Crusader Miniatures will be at HistoriCon this year so I can get the remaining models
Up next is the completed Grenadier Regiment. Consisting of two groups of 8 figures and a four figure command, I'm quite happy with them and they were the first and only to date completed unit within my project (still missing a flag though...)
One group
Second group. Now with the Regimental Sergeant Major carrying the standard of St. Trifon the Pruner, patron saint of wine growers...
And the command for the grenadiers
Following the grenadiers is the General-in-Command of the Duchies continental armies. I can't remember what absurd name I gave him, but it certainly has to do with alcohol...
Next is the first of two Town Militia groups. Both of theses groups are of 10 figures, making them rather large. While they have a little bit more firepower then a normal company, groups of this size are slightly more unwieldily and I am going to be playing them as inferior quality.
Command for said Town Militia..
Two full artillery crews. I'm missing bases for the actual 3pdr guns, so they will have to wait a bit before hitting the table.
Finally the first of two Hussars groups that will eventually form a regiment. After some experimenting and playing, I have decided that at a bare minimum, cavalry needs two Big Men (using the Too Fat Lardies Sharp Practice ruleset of course) to be effective. The hatless, head-bearing Serb will serve as the second officer for this unit. Finally a quick teaser for an upcoming game in 6mm to be played with my club.

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  1. The army's looking great. I'm looking forward to pitting it against Le Grande-Duche de Gourmandie at the end of the month.