Monday, May 7, 2012

One year of ImagiNation: Part 2 (Project overview)

While the last post was chock full of pictures, this one will be rather lacking in them. The goal of this post is to give a general overview of what my project will look like once it reaches 100% completion. To demonstrate this in pictorial format, I have created an organizational chart. They say a picture is worth a thousand words...
So, if we look at the most up-to-date version of the chart, we see that I am aiming for having the following units in my army (boxes in orange signify that the group is fully painted):

 -Line Infantry Regiment
-Town Militia Regiment
-Grenadier Regiment
-Skirmish / Light Infantry Regiment
-Royal Guard
-Hussars Regiment

 I have already talked about the Line, Militia, Grenadier and Hussars regiments in prior posts, so I will concentrate on the Light Infantry and Royal Guard. The Light Infantry / Skirmish Regiment will be just that, a skirmish formation. Using the Austrian Grenz figures from Crusader, these will be more specialist troops and will be used to screen the advancing army.

 The Royal Guard is a formation that came about because when I ordered what I believed to be the remaining models required from Old Glory, instead of being shipping a full blister of 8 infantry models, I was shipped a half blister of infantry (for my Line Infantry regiment) and a blister of command. One of the bayonets was rather badly beaten up and therefore had to be amputated. This gave me a glorious chance to write in some fluff about a possible new addition to my army. The Royal Guard are forbidden from fixing bayonets at any point in battle because in the not so distant past, the members of the regiment bayonetted a commander who failed to follow the direct order of the Duke of Libations. I'm taking advantage of the fact that I was only sent 4 models by getting another blister of the same models and making two units of 6 models each. To make the models visibly different from their non-royal comrades, I'm going to be flipping the colour scheme of the uniforms, so that the main colour is sky blue and the trip is forrest green.

In terms of gameplay, the Royal Guard will be a more elite unit (to go along with the Grenadiers) and will be equipped with rifles, not muskets.

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