Sunday, June 3, 2012

Crowd funding update: Sedition Wars

Welcome to another crowd funding update!  This time I am going to be pimping the ongoing campaign on Kickstarter by Studio McVey / Cool Mini or Not.  Named Seditions Wars: Battle of Alabaster, the campaign is not actually for a miniatures wargame, but for a board game that uses some of the best sculpted models this blogger has laid eyes upon (through the dirty screen of his Macbook Pro that is...).  The rumour mill has it that once the campaign has been successfully funded (more on that later),  Sedition Wars will be slowly evolved into a skirmish level wargame (my new favorite crack).

In any case, the campaign has been live for about 5 days now and has ever so slightly surpassed its initial goal of 20,000$ for the campaign to be successful.  I say slightly surpassed the goal with quite a lot of sarcasm as the current amount of money pledged to this campaign is sitting at just under 129,000$!!!

Every stretch goal has been met to date and Studio McVey has been forced to add on another one at 140k.  With 26 days do go, I can see many, many more stretch goals being met.  The overall speed of the pledges has slowed down, but with the current insane value for price point that supporters will be getting, I can see many, many more backers joining in before the end of the campaign (myself included once the funds are available).

So what do I think is the best monetary amount to support in order to get the best perks?  Well, for 100$ + 25$ for shipping to Canada you get the full boxed game and currently 76 models with scenic sculpted bases!  This is pretty insane of a good deal and will be very very hard to pass up.  Because of all the stretch goals being met, the game itself will be... even more complete upon it's release.  Injection moulded plastic counters will replace the paper ones, giving the game a much longer life span, especially if the ruleset turns out to be as good as all those lucky enough to play test have raved about.

Personally, I'm not a huge board gamer.  I can't really explain it, I've never really enjoyed it all that much. It probably stems down from actually dropping sizeable amounts of cash in my younger days on different games and then having them sit, gathering dust in a closet because nobody would play with me.

Seditions Wars: Battle of Alabaster on the other hand is something I would most definitely drop some hard earned cash on, if not just to say that I have supported a good cause that will hopefully one day aid in breaking GW's monopoly over the public and introductory class of wargamer society.

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