Monday, June 4, 2012

Want to win a free copy of Sedition Wars?

The fine chap over at Frontline Gamer is already on the fifth of his birthday blog give aways and this time around its a copy of the awesome board game Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster by Studio McVey.  Fantastic timing on the part of both of our blogs as just yesterday I posted up about this upcoming product.

So, what exactly do you need to do to be elegible for the prize draw?

  1. Be a public follower of the Frontline Gamer blog. At the top of the right hand column you'll see a black box entitled Ghosts without a shell, there should be a blue button saying 'join this Blog'... or something like that. Click on it and follow the instructions. I'm going to reemphasize the point that you need to be a public follower of his Blog to be eligible for entry. The last few prize draws people have 'entered' without being followers, and I'm sorry but your names haven't been put in the hat.
  2. Place a comment in the comments section of the linked article indicating that you would very much like to win a copy of the Sedition Wars game thank you very much.
  3. You need to have followed the Blog AND written a comment before the 11th June 2012, 12:00PM GMT. Because that's when I'll be picking a winner at random out of the hat.
Not exactly very difficult or painful of a procedure to undertake in order to toss your name in for a chance to win a fine product.

In other news, Sedition Wars has now passed 131k$, only 9,000$ away from reaching the sixth stretch goal of the campaign!

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