Monday, February 27, 2012

ImagiNation update

Finding time and motivation to paint has been a little bit of a struggle in recent weeks. I had shoulder surgery, which effectively ended my "painting spree". Almost two weeks ago now I managed to summon the willpower to sit down and try to use my left arm to hold miniatures while my right painted them.

All in all, not bad as most of the detail work was done before surgery, but I'm not overly happy with how the eyes have turned out, as it was hard to hold the figures steady for the period required. I have the four remaining models for this company now sitting on my painting desk (AKA my work desk...) and I might be able to finish them off this week.


  1. They look good for me -and they'll appear en masse, remember!
    Cheers and best wishes.

    1. I very much agree. A few of my mates commented that the eyes looked like shit and were not my usual standard, but I'm trying to figure out how to speed paint the rest of my ImagiNation collection as they have been gathering dust for a little while now.