Monday, February 6, 2012

#02 Malifaux Update

Well, being out with a cold today I managed to paint up another member of my Nicodem crew. Mortimer is a Gravedigger and his in-game stats are well... a bit outdated. He is not especially useful due to his low attack ability and his relatively high point cost. Now that Wyrd has released Rafkin, there is no point in having Mortimer in your crew unless your playing a demo or fluff game.

Like his stats, the actual sculpting of Mortimer seems a little old-school compared to a lot of the newer models released by Wyrd. His pose is a little more active then that of Nicodem, but he lacks any real level of detail. The sculpting on his face is just odd and for some reason I could not motivate myself to put in the same amount of effort as I had with Nicodem earlier.

Oh well, the paint job is serviceable and considering I'm not really going to be using him after I pick up Rafkin, its not to bad as a display model.

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