Thursday, February 2, 2012

#01 Malifaux

So, as posted a couple of entries ago I purchased two Malifaux starter boxes, one of Colette's Showgirls and another of Nicodem's Undertaker Crew. The chief reason why I chose Nico was just the fantastic look of the sculpt and I could not resist the allure of painting such a nice model. Being on a bit of a painting roll since starting up an Infinity crew, I leapt into starting work on my Nicodem crew.

Of course the first model to hit my painting rack was Nicodem himself. While working on colour schemes, I was struck with the strange idea that he looked a little like a Napoleonic era Rake / Dandy. The top hat, cane and frills gave me this feeling and thus I ran with it... maybe a little to much as some would note that now he looks a little like a Pimp, but alas, woe is me. Interestingly, since he is a Necromancer, he can summon / resurrect models that are called "Rotten Belles", essentially zombi prostitutes... So I guess it would be fitting if he looked a little like a 90s Pimp.

Base inserts are from Wyrd as well and of the "Graveyard" type.

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