Sunday, September 25, 2011

Of flags and Princes

After sitting on my painting desk since May, I finally finished up Il Principe Giuseppe Martellato or Prince Giuseppe the Hammered. The third son of the Duke of Libation, Giuseppe is an accomplished field commander and patron of wine vendors the world over.

After spending a bit of time looking for available flags in 28mm, I've decided upon utilizing Thirty Years War Swedish ones. More generic in nature, I chose to have them in both Green and Blue, because those happen to be the two main colours of my uniforms. I have selected flags for every unit except for my skirmisher one, which does not have a standard.

Coat of Arms of the Duchy of Libations

National Flag of Libations

Reggimento di Fanteria di Sambuca
Reggimento del Granatiere dell' Amaretto

Reggimento di Fusiller di Campari

Grappa Proprio Reggimento Ussari

Projected Lancer Regiment (Using Bosniac Lancer models)

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