Thursday, September 15, 2011

More ImagiNation

With my current painting spurt, I'm quickly running out of figures to paint for my project. After about four months of having them sitting on my painting desk, I am slowly finishing my first order from Front Rank. All thats left is a pair of drummers. Recently finished the commander of my Hussar Regiment, Giovanni L'Ubriaco or Giovanni the Lubricated. I painted the eyes to be looking out of the left corner. This is to be paired with the head holding hussar.


  1. A great debut in the marvelous world of Lace Wars Imagi-Nations!
    Do you know Emperor vs Elector, the collective dazibao for 18th C. Imagi-Native creators?
    Did you choose the name of your 'brainchild'?
    Somehow I feel that 'Benito Felaccio' would be a fitting name for a colonel or general, but English is NOT my native tongue :)

    Welcome to the Brotherhood: cheers!

  2. PS: Firestorm -> Fuocotempesta? Fuocotemporale?
    Now, gonorrhea in popular Italian = Caldapiscia, and old popular French had Castapiane (or -na or -no) for syphilis...

  3. Oh, I read your blog all the time. Yours and "Much ado about nothing" are my favourite ImagiNation blogs. My nation is Ducato di Libagioni or Duchy of Libations. All the names of my Big Men have to do with being wasted.

  4. Good name!
    Link updated on MC.
    Looking forward for the flag, the profiles of the characters...