Wednesday, May 11, 2011

French Toast

A few weeks ago Dan Hoyt and myself played our first Great War game. Because right now, neither of us actually have enough figures to play on the full eight boards, we set up two and hashed out a basic scenario. German trench raiders had taken over an allied observation post and British and French units moved to retake it. Two sections of Germans with a flame thrower team stood against a section of French, two sections of British and a Lewis gun team. And without further fluff and filler, the pictures:

The Canadian and French in all of their glory

Smaller in number, German stormtroopers are destructive in close quarters

The two boards with added tank carnage for fun

The first section of Stormtroopers rush into position

The deadly flamethrower team takes position

The Canadians, arriving after the French, take position in the second line of trenches

In a daring move, the second section of stormtroopers leave their trench to assault the waiting French. Unfortunately, a Canadian squad was within range and came to help their cheese eating allies. The close quarters combat ended with the total loss of the storm trooper section and a couple of French casualties.

The euphoric victory in hand-to-hand combat was short lived as the flamethrower appeared from around the burning Whippet tank.

The flamethrower proceeded to have a devastating effect upon the French rifle section, killing all but it heroic Sergeant.

In a last hurrah before being shot, the Sergeant adopted a "Come at me bro" stance.

The flamethrower team also had a short lifespan, as the Canadian rifle section "lit" them up.

The game ended with only a single German storm trooper section remaining and its commander while the Canadians still had two rifle sections, its Lewis gun and a platoon command.

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