Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Ships for The One

Since I had a five day lull between exams, I've been very productive on the painting and modeling front. After spending countless hours at my painting desk, I've managed to produce quite a few different ship designs for my personal bio fleet.

Names of classes are pending revisal. They all have to do with computer stuff.

Omniflash Class Destroyer:

Xilinx Class Light Cruiser

Sensor Node Class Electronic Warfare Heavy Cruiser

Coprocessor Class Escort Drone Cruiser

Trojan Wave Class Light Stealth Cruiser

Systolix Class Heavy Cruiser

Bitstream Class Heavy Destroyer Leader

Deltar Class Heavy Missile Cruiser

Gun Data Class Battleship

As it stands, right now I have 38 ships built and waiting for sculpting, 21 painted and 1 still to be constructed. As last picture of each ship class for size comparison.

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