Friday, April 15, 2011

Introducing "The One"

Been a long time since I posted up some of my spaceship models. Mike Hoyt of and myself are in the process of creating our own galaxy and setting for the custom fleets we have been building for while now. Having finally filled out the fluff or back story for my race I am proud to present "The One"":

The One in essence is nothing other then a multiple planet sized super computer that has attained sentience beyond its programing. Created by The First, the oldest known race in the galaxy, it was programed to be benevolent and handle all of the mundane tasks of the whole race, allowing them to concentrate on culture and technology. After The First was wiped from the galaxy during a century long civil war, The One gained a valuable lesson: War and conflict are not to be tolerated. While The One had eventually taken over the whole planet with storage space, it had spent little time developing space flight, as it had carried out the goal of the First, focusing on culture. The thirst for information lead The One to begin searching the void of space around The Core, it home world, for a method of travel. The First, having limited space flight capabilities, allowed the One to find in its home system a species of semi-sentient organisms residing in a nebula. Fearing their extinction, The One bio-engineered this race to give them a new lease on life. Naming them The Circuits, by implanting a control center into their hive mind, The One was able to direct their actions as if they were part of his mainframe.

The One is the most technologically advanced race in the Galaxy and instead of colonizing a new planet for its resources or population development, it simply builds more servers and memory to handle its ever expanding need for information. Having programmed itself to be non-violent, The One only enters into conflict when two of the younger races are fighting, attempting to separate the two sides by disabling their ships.

Right now, the fully painted fleet stands at 1 battleship, 2 Destroyer Leaders and 2 Destroyers. I have over 40 ships waiting for sculpting and painting...

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