Monday, March 11, 2013

ImagiNation: Small update

First of all, I must apologize for the poor quality of the picture, I've misplaced the battery for my camera, thus have resorted to using my phone.

After the post about building my village, I sat down and finished off a model that has been sitting on the painting desk since before Christmas.  You may recognize the gentleman on the right, this model was painted up as "Il Princippe Giuseppe Martellato", the overall commander of my army.  I had based him on a standard cavalry pill base, but after a few games, I was unhappy with the level of impact such a small base had on the look of my army on the battlefield (yup, I'm that picky / anal about things).

I specifically ordered the second model on this base (the left one) from Front Rank because of how it could interact well with the one used for the Prince.  He represents the Prince's rather poorer half-brother: "Counte Arsenio di Marinato" (Earl Arsenio the Pickled).  The most trustable of the Prince's family, the Earl, while not so drunk that he cannot ride his horse, is a formidable military commander in his own right.

By using a 60mm base, my new command stand should have a better visual impact on the table.

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