Thursday, January 6, 2011

15mm Russian horde

I originally set out to paint up a platoon of Russians for a fire-team scale skirmish game, but like other projects I start, it was hard to stop painting more figures. I still have enough models stripped and cleaned to make another rifle platoon, but I think I will put that on the back-burner as I want to move onto another project. All in all, over the last the last four months I have painted 200 infantry, 28 vehicles and 5 artillery pieces. Not bad considering I'm a full time student (oh and officer =/ ).

Breakdown of the "platoon":

-2 Platoon commands with 1 spotter team each
-1 Politruk / Commissar
-1 SMG section of 16 men
-3 Rifle sections of 16 men
-1 NKDV SMG section of 16 men with attached HMG team
-3 50mm mortar teams
-2 82mm mortar teams
-2 HMG teams
-4 AT rifle teams
-2 Recce teams of 6 men on 2 motorcycles each
-2 76mm Regimental / Infantry guns
-1 47mm AT gun
-1 76mm AT gun
-1 122mm howitzer
-3 T-34 / 76mm tanks
-2 SU-76 SPG
-2 T-26 tanks
-1 KV-2 tank
-4 Stalinet tractors
-4 Jeeps
-4 Trucks
-1 BA-10 Armored Car
-3 BA-64 Armored Cars

I would have to say that is is more of a understrength company then actual platoon. I've devised this force to be modular and have a great deal of variety in equipment as to create many types of scenarios.

A few things still need to be done before I can call it a completed project. It stands right now at about 98%. I have to paint up the two T-26 models and have a couple more vehicles on their way. The vehicles need bases (I've decided to base everything, just looks better on the table) and I have to order magnetic sheeting for all the bases.

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