Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sun Tzu and the Art of Cowboy's???

Over the last few months, I have been engrossed with Dan Hoyt's 28mm cowboy campaign. He has been slowly building up quite the compliment of figures and terrain over the last couple of months and has dragged me into getting my own figures. After careful consideration (not really), I have decided upon getting some Chinese Tong figures. Mainly because they will be hilarious to play, but also because both Dan and Mike Hoyt do not have any. I've planned out to even have a small group of "Axe Gangsters" (Watch Kung Fu Hustle if you do not know who or what they are). Swords and axes vs shotgun's and sixshooter? I think so!

Anyway, on to some pictures of the last couple of games that Dan, Mike and I have run.

(Yes... that is a bed we are playing on, our try-out of the rule set)

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